Monday, October 10, 2011

Missionary Apartment Inspections

In Bordentown we visited Sisters Bell & Dicou. They passed!
Today was our first time inspecting young missionary's apartments.
In Lawrenceville Elders Tuaila & Broadhead. They passed--
on condition they corral clutter!

In Trenton Elder McMillian welcomed us.

Elders Guinto & McMillian passed--on condition they replace
their 4 burner pans on their stove and wipe out bottom of oven.

Guys' freezer!

Nicely organized closet for guys!


  1. I find this so delightful having lived with MB not only in the dorms but in apt 39. Boy, did they pick the right person for "white glove" check.
    i can tell you guys were very nice. But I want to know, did you help them

  2. We only inspect two missionary apartments and one is the sisters who are typically very neat and tidy and the other one is a train ride away in a beautiful area nearby (pretty much all of Switzerland is beautiful as you can see). I thought it was interesting that the first time we went there they had baked cookies that morning and it smelled very yummy. It was clean too, but I gave them kudos for trying the "if it smells good maybe they won't look everywhere!!!" Scrolling through the pictures, I noticed you have an Elder Guinto in your mission. He and his family are dear friends of ours from home. If I remember correctly though he's getting pretty close to his two years. Crazy how small the world is sometimes. Say, "Hi" to him next time you on inspection duty or maybe he's close to your area...Looks like you're having a gay ol' time there in Jersey.