Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday CES "Culture" Day

Have a nice day...and we did! Gorgeous weather!

Princeton University's architecture is extraordinary!

Our Princeton tour guide and Institute student, Jacquie!

Between the Chapel and the Firestone Library is
Jacques Lipchitz's "Song of the Vowels" sculpture.

I spy Henry Moore's "Oval with Points".

Our CES Director introduces our group to Halo Pub's heavenly ice cream!

Then he led us around the corner to The Bent Spoon to try some of their "unusual" flavored sorbets....

....like AVOCADO!! Perhaps they'll make Tortilla Chip & Salsa Sorbet flavors to accompany???

So we settled for DARK CHOCOLATE, SOUR CREAM & RASPBERRY in one cup--guess WHO's?
And raspberry and HONEY in the other cup. Y-U-M!

Tourist Tip: Neither Halo Pub or The Bent Spoon takes plastic....CASH ONLY...so come prepared!!

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