Saturday, November 12, 2011

Giving Thanks #11 b

Ford Mansion in Morristown New Jersey
served as George Washington's headquarters
from Dec 1779 to June 1780.
We are grateful for courageous leaders and their troops who braved harsh conditions to fight for our Independence. They believed in "the cause" of Liberty and Freedom. What a wonderful legacy they pass on to us!
This room on first floor served as Washington's office.

You've heard it said: "Washington slept here."
Well, he did and so did his wife, Martha,
over a 6 month interval in this upstairs room.

Kitchen in Ford Mansion.

Upstairs housed many senior officers during this time period.

Mrs Ford and daughter lived in this room and her 3 sons in another
while Washington and his officers rented remainder of home.
(Her husband, Jacob Ford Jr died of pneumonia January 1777,
after that she gained ownership of 200 acres deeded
to her husband when they married in 1762.)

Senior missionary cultural outing in Morristown New Jersey

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