Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Scripture Reading

Our CES Director asked us to pass this around with our Institute class attendance rolls to see how are students are doing on their DAILY SCRIPTURE READING.
This reminded me of an encounter I had on our first mission. We were street proselyting in Malta. I asked a man passing by if he read his Bible. His reply: "Oh, yes. I have a Bible in my living room and one by my bedside." I asked again: "Do you read it?" He said: "My wife dusts it every so often." I asked a third time: "But do you READ your Bible?" He confessed: "My priest said he would tell me what I need to know." In my mind, I visualized this son of Heavenly Father standing before His Savior at the end of his earthly life and beginning of his eternal life saying this same thing.

B Basic
I Instructions
B Before
L Leaving
E Earth

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