Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Pioneer Day!

Riddle Given to Pioneer Children

1-Find first a father’s name whose failing powers his son deceived;

2-Then name that father’s mother, who the promised heir received;
3-Next name a mother who in grief her son from home must send;
4-Her husband’s father next appears, God’s chosen faithful friend;
5-Then find an only brother’s name, who sought his brother’s life;
6-And, last, a woman, who, unloved, became that brother’s wife;

7-Now who was he that with all these relationship could claim?
The initial letters of their names combined will give his name;
The father , grandfather, the mother, grandmother, and wife;
The brother – all are his, who gave a mighty nation life.

ANSWERS: 1-Isaac, 2-Sarah, 3-Rebecca, 4-Abraham, 5-Esau, 6-Leah, 7-ISRAEL

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