Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nice Things to Do for Your Mum or Your Wife!

51 Nice Things To Do for Your Mother

Doing something for your mom without being asked will go a LONG WAY in her book! It doesn’t have to be big...the small things add up!

      1.     Make the bed.
2.     Take the kids for a whole day so she can be a person, not a mom for a bit.
3.     Grab her hand in public.
4.     Take her for a walk, sans kids.
5.     Plan an ENTIRE date yourself. Book a sitter, a restaurant and plan an activity. Promise, she will absolutely love this.
6.     Give her a no-strings-attached massage.
7.     Give her a spa certificate.
8.     Do one of her chores for her...without being asked.
9.     Take the kids on a date. She will love the time off and love the fact that you are spending time with them.
10.  Buy her a birthday, Christmas gift without asking her what she wants. Put some thought and effort into it.
11.  Bring her flowers or chocolates for no reason.
12.  Do the dishes after dinner. She spends a lot of time preparing a great’s no fun to do the dishes on top of cooking.
13.  Cook dinner. Even if it’s only your best effort.
14.  Send her to get a manicure/pedicure. Watch the kids of course.
15.  Look at her and tell her she’s beautiful.
16.  Give your phone a break and pay attention to her and your family.
17.  Let her pick the movie...even if it is a chick-flick. No complaining.
18.  Fill up her car with gas. Wash it and vacuum it too.
19.  Surprise her with an entire planned weekend getaway. That would blow her mind. Dawn from FB: “Wake me up first thing in the morning, telling me to get dressed. He has our bags packed and we are headed on romantic getaway. Everything has been done. Kids at babysitter, house already set to leave. We are good gone for the weekend. No one else just us. If he did this, it would blow my mind.”
20.  Play with her hair.
21.  Carry her to bed...and let her take a nap! Uninterrupted.
22.  Heat the bed for her.
23.  Pick up your things.
24.  Book a hotel room for her for a day. Give her a break from the craziness at home.
25.  Paint her toenails.
26.  Take an active role in planning and preparing for your family (i.e. packing kids’ lunches wrapping gifts, helping with holidays, etc)
27.  Clean something...anything...without being asked.
28.  Put the kids to bed and let her read a book.
29.  Do the grocery shopping for her.
30.  Make her hot chocolate in the morning.
31.  Lead her to the couch, pick up her feet and give her a foot rub.
32.  Give her the credit card and let her go shopping.
33.  Clean the bathrooms.
34.  Write her a song or poem
35.  Give her a DIY pedicure/manicure.
36.  Make her a bath.
37.  Hire professionals to clean the entire house.
38.  Dance with her.
39.  Get her little gifts. Grab her favorite candy bar when you’re at the store. Get a single rose, some chapstick ... sometimes the little things speak volumes.
40.  Get in the car and go for a drive.
41.  Make her breakfast.
42.  Get up with the kids on a Saturday and let her sleep in.
43.  Pack a picnic and go.
44.  Tell her you love her more often.
45.  Write her a love note.
46.  Bring home her favorite ice cream.
47.  Send her a sweet text during the day.
48.  Bring home dinner (give her a heads up first).
49.  Compliment her on something specific.
50.  Thank her for something specific.
51.  Give her the remote.

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