Monday, April 2, 2012

Best. Lunch. In. Jersey.

Today, after my monthly WW weigh-in--
which by the way, I am maintaining my weight goal for 21st month!-
--we had a late lunch at Pierre's in South Brunswick, NJ.

This is what restaurant looks like from outside.
Building has several conference rooms for wedding receptions,
bat and bar mitzvah, business functions, etc.
What isn't pictured is across parking lot--
Pierre's huge deli, pizza, and bakery!

This is what inside of restaurant looks like.
We sat at table pictured in bottom left of this flyer--
if we hadn't looked through those advertising flyers
everyone gets in mail and tosses in trash,
we'd never have known about this place!!

My luncheon special included soup or salad, entree & dessert.
I chose the butternut squash soup. Wowzer! It was GOOD!

Our bubbly waiter, Joe, steered me to the fish taco.
It was a HUGE serving so I had to take some home--

There were several desserts offered--2 chocolate--but I chose
carrot cake because I could share it with my lunch date!

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